Blockchain Design & Development

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Ecosystem Economy Analysis

Game design and economy applied to blockchain Contact US

Crowdsale contracts & wallets

Token creation & management. Accept FIAT and coins. Contact US

From idea to Blockchain

Economy design

By breaking down your project's business processes we identify every stakeholder in your ecosystem and analyze what matters for them.

Using game design techniques, we construct incentive loops for all the actors and intertwin them in a way that lifts the ecosystem as a whole


Blockchain technologies are evolving everyday. Until a standard emerges as the long term solution for every blockchain project, the key resides in analysing the specific constraints of your project and finding the best combination of today's technologies.

Distributed apps (DAPPs)

From proof of concept to the fully productized versions, we can build the smart contracts you need as well as the web, mobile and backend apps to interface with them.

The BitFlare team is especially proficient in Ethereum / Solidity and Node.JS/Angular/React/Ionic and can adapt any piece of techology you already have.

BitFlare Technologies


Founded by Alex Casassovici - software engineer, crypto veteran & international speaker. Backed by a team of crypto-engineers.

BitFlare Technologies has been helping customers figure out how to fit blockchain into their projects in a way that makes sense.

The team has shipped crowdsale contracts, ICO tokens, mobile & desktop wallets, smart contracts, distributed app (Dapps), blockchain forks...

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Your crypto-tech partner

From ERC20 tokens and smart contracts to homebrew blockchain infrastructure, we have the best crypto-experts to support your projects.

Crowdsale - ICO

Crowdsale pre-ICO, ICO contracts and tokens tuned to your needs, on the platform of your choice.

Smart Contracts

Contracts design, development and auditing on Ethereum.

Distributed apps (Dapps)

Ethereum-connected apps interacting with your web3 wallet. From prototyping to release.

Custom blockchain

Forks of state of the art technologies to solve specific challenges.

What people say

Our Clients
Harish P.

Extraordinaire Professional who brings in several years of his business experience. Went above and beyond in assisting us to kickstart and align our views for our blockchain project. His work ethics are truly remarkable. Will recommend for anyone and everyone. Outstanding experience with Alex.

Our Clients

Creating new things is really really hard. I have seen Alexander create new innovative service thanks to his creativity, knowledge of the market and connections.

Our Clients
Bruno L.

Working with Alexander was most appreciated thanks to its ability to challenge our offer and our products against its innovative vision and its global technical knowledge of the mobile market. Alexander is always keen to discover new opportunites.



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